Traditional African black soap 100% pure

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Traditional African black soap 100% pure.

Pure and 100% natural, this black soap makes the skin soft and silky. Versatile, it is used for the body, face or hair, and helps relieve many skin problems (acne, pimples, stains)

Traditional African black soap is made from ash from tropical plants such as banana leaves, palm trees and barks, cocoa pods, shea bark, etc.). The ashes are diluted in water and then filtered. Soaps are formed by mixing these ash and vegetable fats (shea or cocoa butter, coconut or palm oil).
Handcrafted in West Africa, mainly in Ghana its appearance is grainy, and this is what makes it so characteristic in its raw state. It's totally natural.

On contact with water, it can turn into a paste.
If you are a fan of liquid soap this will be an excellent base to make your shampoo or shower gel.
It can be used for body, face and hair hygiene.
Our African black soap is of superior quality, it is perfectly tolerated by the most sensitive skin, including those of babies.

Formed in bar of about 225 grams

Recommendations: I strongly recommend that you keep the soap in a soap holder that will allow the water to flow. In addition it is important to dry as long as possible before the first job. This will allow for an optimization of the time of use of the soap.