Lot of 2 face masks

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Lot of 2 face masks in plain wax and patterned.
The masks were made with care following the best recommendations. The complete pleated design provides maximum facial coverage and allows unrestricted breathing. This high-quality reusable mask reduces the likelihood of splashing to people in your immediate circle.


This mask is composed of a layer of wax fabric (100% cotton), 1 layer of natural cotton without chemical treatment (internal face), to which is added a thickness of cotton and polyester (i.e. 3 thicknesses in total). With its high-quality elastic curls, it offers comfort throughout the day.


This reusable mask can be worn for long periods of time. In order to preserve the qualities of this mask as much as possible, it must be washed daily by hand or machine, at a temperature of 60oC.

Dimensions: Length 19 cm x height 9 cm or 8 inch x 4 inch.

Notes: This is not a medical device

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