Our history, our fiber, the Kanvô... | Mestissés


Welcome to the world of Mestissés. An invitation to travel, at the crossroads between Africa and the West.

Kanvô, the stuff of kings, has been woven for centuries by craftsmen who originally worked only for the court of the kingdom of Abomey (better known as Dahomey), the ancient kingdom of West Africa. the west located in the southwest of the current Republic of Benin between the 17th century and the end of the 19th century.

Each pattern or symbol, like the wax loincloth (inspired by Indonesian batik,) delivers a message, an intention. The kanvô is an invitation to read the codes of daily life, an indication of the rank and history of the wearer. It is a loincloth woven by hand from cotton threads.

Highlighting this woven loincloth typical of Benin, and bringing it into your interiors is a result of an observation and a desire for authenticity, travel and eco-responsible consumption.

Mestissés offers you this initiatory journey to Benin through Kanvo and ecru raw cotton canvas tinted with vegetable materials, mainly indigo.

Customizable as desired, our Kanvo is produced on demand by a women's workshop. Each piece made is unique. We have chosen to bring it to life with you, through linens and in harmony with a selection of typical handcrafted accessories.

For us it is above all a question of sharing and exchange around the promotion of Beninese woven cotton and woven loincloths in general. It's going to meet craftsmen rich in know-how who get lost, sometimes bored... Mestissés is the fruit of these encounters around weaving, dyeing and creativity.

This know-how will be highlighted through our collections of linens and accessories...

Anxious to give you a special experience, particular care is taken in our production process with work in tandem with our weavers and dyers (mainly women). We have set up specifications and quality controls to preserve all the best of traditional know-how.

Say yes to natural fibers woven with heart and ardor, tinted with the magic of nature's colors!